Ecotrail Personal Care

Ecotrail Personal Care is a manufacturer of skin care, body care, hair care, fragrances and color cosmetics products. Ecotrail was established in 2012 by a team of technocrats with more than 25 years’ experience in the pharma and cosmetics manufacturing domain.

At Ecotrail, we understand the needs and challenges of today’s beauty market. We understand that innovation and tapping unmet needs hold the key to success. Thereby we researched, developed and launched India’s first halal cosmetics range of beauty products under the brand Iba Halal Care. Iba products are not only Halal Certified but also vegan, cruelty-free and devoid of harsh chemicals such as parabens and sulfates.

Our Values


We behave with the highest levels of professionalism, integrity and confidentiality, thereby earning and maintaining the trust and respect of customers, shareholders, suppliers, colleagues, and partners.

Commitment to Quality

We are committed to the highest level of quality from product development stage to finished product release. For us, quality means going beyond the basic GMP requirement. Every single employee takes responsibility for the quality of their work.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to deliver a service to our customers that is outstanding in its helpfulness, courtesy and honesty.


Technological innovations in all aspects of product formulation, production and customer service is the key to our success.

Core Strengths

In-house R&D

Our dedicated R&D team is passionate and experienced in creating innovative formulations that are composed of natural ingredients and as per Halal and Vegan cosmetics guidelines.

Manufacturing Expertise

We understand the economics of manufacturing and have strong capabilities in science, regulatory and raw materials. We operate our own state of the art GMP facility which meets stringent quality and safety requirements. Our plant includes R&D, microbiology and QC laboratories, offices, production, packaging, storage, etc.

Management Team

Mauli Teli | CEO & Director

Mauli has several years of pharma industry experience and has worked with numerous leading pharmaceutical and FMCG companies in India and abroad. She worked at PWC’s PRTM Management Consulting, a global management consulting firm, for more than 6 years in the Health Care business group before moving to Ahmedabad to start Ecotrail Personal Care. Her area of expertise includes strategy definition, innovation management, project planning and execution. Mauli did her Masters of Engineering in Pharmaceutical Engineering from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and holds a BE in Mechanical Engineering

Grishma Teli | Vice President, R&D & Director

Grishma is a seasoned biotechnology professional with hands-on experience in analytical research and formulation development. Grishma did her Masters of Science in Biotechnology from University of Houston and holds B.Sc in Biotechnology. She has also studied cosmetic formulation development in UK and has thorough knowledge of natural extracts and latest science-based active ingredients used to formulate effective yet natural personal care products. She heads Ecotrail Personal Care’s R&D activities including development of its halal certified range of product

Dilip Vadgama | Chief Operating Officer

An engineering professional with an MBA and experience of more than 35 years in production and operations management in pharma equipment and engineering industries, Dilip’s strategic planning, project execution and decision-making skills are known to enhance corporate profitability while maintaining effective quality control, minimal downtime and judicious expenditures. His core competencies are in mobilizing and managing manpower, machine and material resources to maximize operational efficiencies. He is a strong leader and team builder with proven ability to motivate team members towards achieving corporate targets. Prior to joining Ecotrail Personal Care, Dilip has worked in operations management with various leading companies such as SLS Group, Chamunda Pharma Machinery, Kevin Process Technologies, Pall India, Vikram Projects and Cadmach Machinery.

Chandan Nath | Brand Mentor

With almost three decades in the advertising industry, Chandan’s advertising journey spans across a wide and eclectic mix of brands and clients. Starting his career in 1982 with Speer Communications in Mumbai followed by work at Redifussion Advertising, Chandan joined Mudra Communications and began a stint that would transform him from an advertising professional to a Brand Launch and Brand Nurturance specialist. In his 17 years stint with Mudra, Chandan was instrumental to landmark communication campaigns for brands like Rasna, Dhara, Vimal, Orpat, Sun Pharma, Nutralite to name a few. But his finest work and skill was revealed in his partnership with Paras Pharmaceuticals that has launched brands l like Moov, Krack, ItchGuard, BoroSoft, D’Cold, DermiCool, Recova & Livon. At Ecotrail Personal Care, Chandan has been involved right from conceptualization to launch of brand Iba Halal Care. He plays an active role mentoring on brand communications, advertising and marketing of Iba Halal Care brand and its products.